In general, the art museum has nothing against dressing up or otherwise decorating works of art for a good cause. It is important to remember, however, that such modification of an artwork with an artist’s copyright is always subject to authorisation.

In the first instance, permission should be sought from Kuvasto ry, the copyright organisation for visual artists. On the Kuvasto website you can find a list of artists and their estates represented by Kuvasto. Among other things, Kuvasto handles licensing issues related to the use of the Bobby at the Marketplace.

If the artist’s name is not found in the Kuvasto catalogue, the applicant should contact the artist directly or ask Kuvasto for help in contacting the heirs.

If more than 70 years have passed from the death of the artist, you do not need to apply for permission from Kuvasto. Instead, you can contact the conservator of the Oulu Art Museum.

As the public works are owned by the City of Oulu, all permit applicants as well as permit holders must also contact the Oulu Art Museum. The museum’s conservator will give you more detailed instructions on how to decorate the artworks without damaging them and in a way that is also safe for you.

Sculptures that are part of the everyday life and celebrations of the citizens are a joy to us all!

Go to the Kuvasto website.

Elina Vieru

Chief curator