The main message of the Oulu2026 cultural programme is cultural climate change, presented through three themes: Wild City, Cool Contrasts and Brave Hinterland. Each theme will be launched by a major international flagship production.

Oulu2026 is run by the Oulu Cultural Foundation. The foundation develops Oulu as a city of culture and events, promotes the working conditions of artists and the cultural sector, and participates in activities to develop the cultural sector nationally and internationally.

Oulu Museum of Art works closely with the Oulu Cultural Foundation to offer its expertise and facilities for the festival year. In 2026, Oulu Museum of Art will host international exhibitions that explore themes of social and ecological sustainability, outlining viable and even magical futures. In addition, Oulu Museum of Art is involved in the public art projects of the year and in developing a programme that extends to North Ostrobothnia and Kainuu.

You can find out more about the Oulu2026 initiatives here.

Oulu 2026: European Capital of Culture

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