Sensitivity is courage! In our museum you can speak and have discussions normally. Art evokes emotions and each of us experiences art in a different way.

We respect the opinions and privacy of others and handle sensitive issues with discretion. Please do your part to ensure that everyone can engage in constructive debate around art safely.


Booked guided tours and workshops start at the agreed time in the lobby of the art museum. Please leave backpacks and coats in the coat rack, the lockers or the guarded backpack carts in the entrance hall.

You can borrow writing pads and pencils from the customer service desk. There are benches in the galleries where you can sit down to do the activities.

Food and drink

There is no separate area for snacks, but there is a café at the museum. Weather permitting, the Ainola Park right outside the museum is a nice place for a picnic.

Safety of artworks

Please be mindful of the artworks. The artworks may not be touched unless otherwise instructed. Please maintain a minimum distance of one metre from all artworks and display cases. Please do not lean against walls. Invisible dirt that sticks to your fingers may gradually destroy some of the more delicate works. The dim lighting in the exhibition spaces is needed to ensure the preservation of the artworks.

Please do not run or jump. There are benches in the exhibition halls where you can stop to contemplate the artworks.


Photography without flash is allowed in the galleries. Kindly include artwork details if you post photos on social media.

Satu Larivaara-Heikkala

Curator of education

Hanna-Leena Ruottinen

Curator of education