Collection exhibitions also serve a research purpose, which is to update and complete information on the works and the artists featured in the exhibitions and document it digitally in the museum’s database system. Information is collected through artist interviews and from written sources. The exhibitions can be thematic or focus on the work of a single artist, or a group or school of artists.

The art museum’s collection exhibitions may also be the product of long-term art history or cultural studies research projects, the stages and results of which are presented through exhibitions, and often also in the form of a written publication.

Katariina Kemppainen


Elina Vieru

Chief curator

Janne Räisänen: Broken Wing, 2002 , oil pastels on paper. Oulu Art Museum Collection. Photo: Mika Friman.

9.2.–25.8.2024 Exhibition


This exhibition explores the vulnerability and fragility of life from the perspectives of insecurity, loneliness and exclusion – but also hope.

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